Multimodal Analgesia: NSAIDs

Description: Virtual Presentation by Karen Boretsky, MD. & Sam Riega, MBA, RN.  Objectives: Discuss the prevalence of opioid overuse as a complication of surgery: Value multimodal pain management; Understand the role of regional anesthesia as an alternative to opioids for the management of surgical pain; Recognize the difference between major block techniques; Recognize patient misgivings about regional anesthesia; Formulate strategies to allow patients to advocate for regional anesthesia as an alternative to opioids.

Author(s): Karen Boretsky, Sam Riega

Title: Multimodal Analgesia: Concept and Implementation; NSAIDs

Series Title: Closing the Door on Surgery as a Gateway to Persistent Use of Opioids

Resource Type: Webinar

Format: Video

Length: 50 minutes

URL: (PowerPoint)

Sponsored by: C-WHO

Keywords and Concepts:

Anthony LeonMultimodal Analgesia: NSAIDs
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