Our Networks

Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization has organized various networks to continue striving for our vision of innovative healthcare through collaboration and integration.

PIC strives to be the central hub for Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) resources. We aim to form a nationwide community of PCBH-engaged individuals, clinics, and systems to help develop a standardized understanding of the PCBH model, support high-fidelity practice of the model, and promote research and dissemination of the model.

Idaho Integrated Behavioral health Network

A cadre of interdisciplinary health professionals inspiring innovative partnerships and promotion of continued development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated behavioral health (IBH) care while considering the role of IBH in healthcare transformation. Our community consists of a variety of professionals representing a wide range of disciplines such as primary care, psychiatrists, psychologists, private and public payers, healthcare administration, behavioral health providers, and quality improvement organizations. 

Advance Services Pharmacy Network

A network with peers, leaders, and experts in Clinical Pharmacy Integration. Our goal is to collaborate, build clinical expertise and expand practical skills.  

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