PIC strives to be the central hub for Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) resources. We aim to form a nationwide community of PCBH-engaged individuals, clinics, and systems to help develop a standardized understanding of the PCBH model, support high-fidelity practice of the model, and promote research and dissemination of the model.

PIC Strategic Leadership

This group oversees Development, Management, expansion, and sustainability of the PCBH Innovation Center.

Megan Gomeza, MSW

Megan Lee Price-Gomeza, MSW, is a contractor for Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization in our Network Development and Expansion Division.  She is a graduate of Northwest Nazarene University, with an emphasis

Anne Daggett, LCSW – Project Coordinator

Anne is currently serving as a Project Coordinator for Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization. She obtained her undergraduate degree in social work from Creighton University, and her master’s degree in social

Jen Yturriondobeitia, MSW, DBH

Jennifer is the President and CEO of Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization and provides operational expertise to primary and specialty care practices throughout the State of Idaho interested in implementing integrated behavioral health programs. Her work allows providers to manage the behavioral health population and helps the patient achieve the best health and quality of life possible by preventing chronic disease, stabilizing current chronic conditions…

Kent A. Corso, PsyD, BCBA-D

Kent Corso is a licensed clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst. He is an Air Force OEF veteran with almost 20 years of consulting, training and research experience in

Jeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP

Jeff Reiter, PhD, ABPP, is an internationally recognized expert in the integration of behavioral health into primary care. Since 2002, he has worked in integrated care as a clinician, administrator,

Amy Walters, PhD – Clinical IBH Consultant

Amy Walters, PhD is a clinical health psychologist and a consultant with Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization. For more than a decade she has served as the director of behavioral health

PCBH Advisory Council

This group provides guidance and recommendations on the PCBH model and research to help inform PIC Strategic Leadership.

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