Si Steinberg, MD

Dr. Si Steinberg is a Double Board Certified Adult and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. He graduated from The University of Michigan Medical School in 1986.

He completed his first two years of residency training at UCLA/NPI and then switched to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center where he completed his adult residency and child and adolescent fellowship. While at Dartmouth he received specialty training in family systems therapy and treating survivors of trauma. He spent over twenty years of his career as a psychiatrist, working in community mental health centers.

His undergraduate focus in medical anthropology at The University of Michigan helped him to develop an awareness of the deep impact of psychosomatic phenomena in healing and recovery in all areas of medicine. As a result he developed a working value system applied to mental health that aligned with the Independent Living Model of the Disability Movement: The individual, his perceptions, and personal interpretations of his life experiences take precedence over their medicalization.

Untangling and examining these perceptions in a developmental context can free an individual from suffering without resorting to diagnostic labeling. Diagnostic labeling and prescribing of medications should not be considered without first identifying and addressing causes and conditions that lead up to the presenting symptoms. This approach falls in line with evidence based medicine as it demands a rigorous approach to diagnosis and corresponding treatments only after other developmental contextual considerations have been addressed.

Anthony LeonSi Steinberg, MD
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