Jennifer Clark, MS

Ms. Clark has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare operations and delivering technology solutions to customers. Before joining Cornerstone Whole Healthcare Organization as an independent contractor, she was at athenahealth managing client relationships, advising client leadership on the management and integration solutions for interoperability roadmaps, business development, and new client Healthcare IT (HIT) strategies. She is currently the Director of Technology Services at Arete Provider Network, where she is responsible for defining Arete’s technology strategy and vision and guaranteeing alignment and execution of the strategy across all service lines in the organization.

Seen as a respected leader by both her colleagues and clients, Ms. Clark, takes an unparalleled customer-focused approach to her role, ensuring clients’ technology needs are met and exceed the expectations of healthcare providers and their teams.  Ms. Clark is the conduit between business and technology, ensuring the most efficient operations and techniques are applied and adopted. A great strategic leader who is never losing focus on the strategic vision of the companies she works with and alongside.

Jennifer earned a Master of Science in project management from Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from DeVry.

Anthony LeonJennifer Clark, MS
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