Gregory P. Beehler, PhD, MA

Dr. Gregory Beehler is a licensed psychologist and Associate Director for Research at the VA Center for Integrated Healthcare. He is also an Research Associate Professor in the Department of Community Health and Health Behavior in the School of Public Health and Health Professions at the University at Buffalo. His research and evaluation efforts focus on advancing integrated primary care by promoting high fidelity clinical practices and examining the role of teamwork among interdisciplinary teams.  He is the developer of the recently revised and expanded Primary Care Behavioral Health Provider Adherence Questionnaire (version 2.0), a validated measure of integrated care provider fidelity. His work also addresses the role of integrated care services in promoting recovery from chronic pain. He is conducting a VA-funded clinical trial assessing the effectiveness of Brief Cognitive Behavioral for Chronic Pain (Beehler, et a., 2021), a non-pharmacological intervention designed for delivery by integrated care providers. With a background in medical anthropology, he has led or contributed to numerous qualitative studies focused on barriers and facilitators of PTSD treatment, exploring wellness needs of Veteran cancer survivors, and understanding Veterans’ perspectives regarding the long-term impact of traumatic brain injury.

Anthony LeonGregory P. Beehler, PhD, MA
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