Clinic Technical Assistance

We work with clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations to identify their goals for improvement and connect teams with the tools tailored to needs, size, ability, and culture. C-WHO is committed to working alongside your team throughout a transformation process.

Proposal Development & Management

We identify proposals (Government, Private Foundations, and Pharmaceutical) that match your organization’s needs and work with you to develop workplans, budgets, and submission content that are truly appropriate for your team. It is not about the money but adding resource to your health community.

Training Center

We facilitate individual trainings and develop training networks to meet the needs of communities. Trainings are offered virtually and on-site, and trainers are selected based on expertise and fit with the target population.

Data Management and Analysis

Our healthcare data scientists all have strong backgrounds in working directly with health and healthcare organizations to understand, manage, and own their data. Through an individualized process of data discovery, we work with you to understand the data you have and what you need to accomplish your goals.

Research Project Management

We have worked across various study projects from qualitative text analysis to large scale biometric collection and analysis. We understand the impact of research on practice and strive to align research elements with target populations and organizations.

Continuous Quality Improvement

The C-WHO team understands that improvement is not a destination but a process. Our group works with your organization to create improvement cycles across your different focus areas to give you the tools to take the next steps toward your goals and help you on whatever improvement journey you pursue next.

Provider Network Management

Our team has expertise in managing behavioral health providers and pharmacy providers as a part of our integrated and inclusive approach to supporting healthcare communities. We understand the important role these non-physician providers play in supporting patients and controlling cost.

Resource Hub

Information is power and C-WHO understands the importance of knowing what services and supports are available across multiple areas. As a result, the team has developed various structures to deliver crucial content.

Virtual Conferences

C-WHO has established a system for delivering professional development and multi-sector networking conferences on-line. We will work with your organization to plan sessions, enable virtual speaking and trainings events, and provide continuing education credits to professionals.

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