Sam Riega, RN, MBA

Adrian “Sam” Riega began his career as a Registered Nurse at The Ohio State University Medical Center, James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute in Bone Marrow Transplant, and later Liver and Heart Transplant, also at Ohio State University Medical Center. After transitioning to Industry, Adrian worked in Medial Affairs developing technology and process to improve medication delivery safety, while also advocating for patients in the areas of Oncology and Pain. Currently, Adrian is partnering with thought leaders in Acute Pain Management to advocate for improvements in the practice of surgical and post surgical pain management. In total, Adrian has 28 years of experience integrating technology and processes into healthcare practice within Academic, Non-Academic, and Community-based healthcare delivery systems throughout the US & Latin America, and has been an integral part of the successful development of 9 pharmaceutical & medical device products in the US & abroad.

IIBHN 2020 Presentation(s):

Adults & Pediatrics – Hot Topics and Controversies in Acute Pain Management: Can We Identify Patients at Risk for Chronic Post-Surgical Pain?

Learning Objectives:

  • Enhance understand what is post-surgical acute chronic pain and the impact on patients and total cost of care.
  • Understand the risk factors of chronic post-surgical pain and persistent use of Opioids.
  • Understand multi-modal analgesia without using Opioids.
Raoul RolfesSam Riega, RN, MBA