Celeste Lacombe Nelson, LCSW

Celeste Lacombe Nelson, LCSW, specializes in transpersonal psychotherapy, embodied practices, and trained in neuro-somatic yoga & breathwork with level two (2) certification. Celeste leans into transformation to transcend the patterns of thought and behavior that perpetuate dissonance and the imposition of self-misidentification, self-doubt, compassion fatigue, and stress. Celeste works with you through self-discovery and by excavating the deepest parts of self that sustain connection and compassion. Celeste uses transpersonal psychology practices to build and sustain embodied alignment. Learn to choose progress over expectations, be more present through daily intention practices of peace, purpose, and personal growth. Celeste offers services for individuals, healers, couples, and groups. Soul Sage is the practice of neuro-somatic healing, breath work, embodiment, psychotherapy, shadow and narrative journaling, meditation, and building rituals of connection.

raoulrolfes@c-who.orgCeleste Lacombe Nelson, LCSW