Some of Our Networks

Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network (IIBHN)

The Idaho Integrated Behavioral Health Network (IIBHN) is focused on systems transformation to increase access and improve the quality of behavioral health services in Idaho. IIBHN is the vehicle to drive change and the conference is the tool to develop professional learning collaboratives to enhance and support the growth of Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) programs through peer to peer support, advancing clinical education, facilitating statewide training opportunities and developing a cadre of technical experts for sustainability.

Primary Care Behavioral Health Innovation Center (PIC)

The Primary Care Behavioral Health (PCBH) model is a team-based primary care approach to managing behavioral health problems and biopsychosocially-influenced health conditions. The model’s main goal is to enhance the primary care team’s ability to manage and treat such problems/conditions, with resulting improvements in primary care services for the entire clinic population. The model incorporates into the primary care team a behavioral health consultant (BHC), sometimes referred to as a behavioral health clinician, to extend and support the primary care provider (PCP) and team.

Telehealth Idaho Independent Provider Integration Network (TIIPIN)

A network for Behavioral Specialists, Mental Health Providers, Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Social Workers, and Subject Matter Experts.

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